1. What is Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®?

Created by the federal government, the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program uses a whole-house approach to make a home more energy-efficient, thus lowering its energy consumption. Each participating contractor has staff certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Only contractors with BPI certified staff can participate in the Program. These specially trained professionals use advanced diagnostic equipment to test the home and identify optimal energy efficiency improvements.

2. What is a Home Performance Energy Audit?

The Home Performance Energy Audit is the first step toward improving your home’s energy efficiency and reducing energy bills. During this comprehensive energy audit, the BPI certified contractor tests and evaluates the home using advanced diagnostic equipment and building science principles to determine which areas would benefit from energy efficiency and health and safety-related improvements. Features to be tested include but are not limited to heating and cooling equipment, insulation levels, air infiltration, appliances and lighting. Included in the

audit fee, the contractor will install a number of energy saving features, such as light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, faucet aerators, smart power strips, and efficient-flow showerheads. If the home is more than 3,000 square feet or has more than one combustion appliance zone, additional fees may apply at the discretion of the contractor you select.

Specifically, the contractor tests for air-leakage using a blower door; may identify primary leakage areas with an infrared scan; conducts a series of combustion-related tests; and looks for opportunities to improve the home’s insulation, heating and cooling system, windows, appliances, and lighting. The contractor will then explain to you what improvements can be made, and what they will cost.

3. Why should I consider upgrading my home’s energy efficiency over other types of home improvements?

Energy efficiency upgrades will improve the comfort of your home while making sure the occupants are living in a safe environment—thereby protecting your most important investment, your home, and its treasured occupants, your family. As a result of the improvements, you will reduce your energy usage every month.