Step 1: Energy Audit

The first step to improving a home or building’s efficiency/comfort is to have an energy audit or rating. Learning how an energy audit or rating works can be of help to you. Schedule one with 1st Green Home today.

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Step 2: Efficiency Upgrades

Efficiency upgrades reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, and make your home/building more environmentally-friendly thereby having the potential to significantly reduce your utility bills.

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Step 3: Cash Rebate

We will re-test your home to verify energy savings.  Then we will prepare and submit the paperwork for eligible rebates.  Enjoy the lower utility bills and a more comfortable home.

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Helping our Community

We are here to save you money on your utility bills.  There are many state & federal programs to help increase the efficiency of energy use, there by reducing the need for local community to build more power plants.

Contact us, and we'll help you save money while saving the planet and our local community.


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Give us a Call.  We will help you find ways to save money on your utility bills.